I understood after the meeting that success in CLSA is not something unlikely or that “X” years of prerequisite experience will be sufficient. What I liked most about the overall CLSA research experience is that in real-life scenarios it tests not just theoretical expertise but also its implementation. My confidence as a Pega architect grew tremendously when this credential was explained.

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PEGA CLSA process

A summary of how I went through the process is given below.

1. Before beginning CLSA training, you should know all the topics covered by CSA and CSSA courses at Pega Academy. …

A PEGA CPBA is an individual who has passed the PEGA Business Architect test. A business architect is a person who integrates a company’s schemes and resources. Thus, is to achieve its predetermined objectives and goals.

The business architect uses business architecture to create and sustain business prospects. This is a corporate strategy management organization. Moreover, you also contribute to the strategy and plans for the market.

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Certification of PEGA Company Architect (PCBA)

PCBA certification focuses on the ability in PEGA application design and development. In the PEGA application, PCBAs possess basic, critical skills. Moreover, these skills are necessary to evaluate, design. …

It is possible to use robotic automation to automate repetitive tasks that are replicated in a workflow. Using the user interface of current systems, PEGA robotics adds the ability to automate activities. By automating user behavior, it can assist in speeding up manual activities.

In PEGA Robotic Studio, automation is developed. The new available update is 8.0, which is easily downloadable from online sources.

Two forms of PEGA robotic automation are available.

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Automation with PEGA…


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