Android analytics tools for 2020

  1. Firebase analytics: Firebase analytics tools are the google analytics mobile app tracking for creating apps and that improve user support in the web, IOS, Android. Firebase produces a variety of tools to develop your app on the platform.
  • It has unlimited crashing.
  • It contains cash reporting.
  • It is a real-time database.
  • It supported by IOS, Android course.


  • It has an advanced crash-reporting tool with crashlytics.
  • It optimized for real-time apps.
  • It provides an easy set up for backend as a service with maintaining your own services.
  • It is expensive compared to other tools.
  • These Marketing tools are not robust.
  • By using this you access information through various tools like touch heatmaps, rise click heat maps and etc.
  • UXcam app captures every event for Andriod and IOS users.
  • It contains quality analysis, quantity analysis.
  • it detects the unresponsive actions.
  • By using this app we can see the session replays of the users.
  • It is one of the real-time analytics.
  • It has a sequence funnels.
  • It contains users’ segmentation.
  • It allows you to create a custom panel based on each department’s needs.
  • It allows immediate web interface.
  • It does not contain the notification features on product usage.
  • Its ability to create and monitor channels.
  • It contains real-time data.
  • It contains an automatic web interface for analysis.
  • It allows sending notifications for product usage.
  • It allows users to view active users on your site.
  • these analytics features are incomplete compared to the firebase and Mixpanel.
  • It supports multiple applications.
  • It contains crash reporting.
  • It contains funnel tracking and report tracking.
  • It has free of cost.
  • Allow us to make apps or promote the app through ads.
  • The analysis is not fast compared to other tools.
  • Difficult to identify the errors.
  • It has open-source applications.
  • It contains custom events.
  • It is expandable via plug-ins.
  • It is open-source and easy to use
  • It allows broad platform coverage.
  • It has free of cost, hence it contains limited features.
  • It works with limited server requirements.



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