Android analytics tools for 2020

Android is the software and it is a Linux based operating system for mobile devices such as tablets, laptops, and Smartphones. It is developed by Google and later by OHA (Open Handset Alliance). Java language is mostly used to write the android code and some times other languages can be used.

Android analytics tools contain performance, crash, marketing. The Android app market is highly competitive. Android analytics solutions are essential and they provide insights into user behavior. To get knowledge on Android, learn it from Andriod online training

The following are the top 6 android app analytics tools for 2020.

  1. Firebase analytics: Firebase analytics tools are the google analytics mobile app tracking for creating apps and that improve user support in the web, IOS, Android. Firebase produces a variety of tools to develop your app on the platform.
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Features of firebase analytics:

  • It has unlimited crashing.
  • It contains cash reporting.
  • It is a real-time database.
  • It supported by IOS, Android course.

Pricing: It is available in both free and paid, and the cost of this tool starts from 25 USD per month.

  • It has an advanced crash-reporting tool with crashlytics.
  • It optimized for real-time apps.
  • It provides an easy set up for backend as a service with maintaining your own services.


  • It is expensive compared to other tools.
  • These Marketing tools are not robust.

2. UXcam app analytics: UXcam analytics helps to user to understand the mobile app users. It improves App KPIs and makes product decisions with confidence. Mainly it focuses on qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis. It supported platforms are Andriod and IOS.

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Features of UXcam app analytics:

  • By using this you access information through various tools like touch heatmaps, rise click heat maps and etc.
  • UXcam app captures every event for Andriod and IOS users.

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Pricing: some times it is free and for some products, it has cost.


  • It contains quality analysis, quantity analysis.
  • it detects the unresponsive actions.
  • By using this app we can see the session replays of the users.


It shares data only manually.

3. Amplitude Analytics: Amplitude analytics are helping to identify the organization’s trends and in-app user behavior. Amplitude clients can analyze their users based on the various parameters like location, install source and etc. It supported by Andriod and IOS platforms.

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Pricing: It is free up to 10 million user actions per month, it is charged after that.

Features of Amplitude analytics:

  • It is one of the real-time analytics.
  • It has a sequence funnels.
  • It contains users’ segmentation.


  • It allows you to create a custom panel based on each department’s needs.
  • It allows immediate web interface.


  • It does not contain the notification features on product usage.

4. Mix panel: Mixpanel provides a great opportunity for mobile app developers such as finding a range of data points and understanding the overall user journey on desktop, mobile web, and mobile apps. It is codeless i.e no code is required to track app metrics. It supported platforms are Andriod, IOS, web analytics.

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Pricing: some times it free and some times it contains a cost. The cost starts at $999 for a year.

Feature of Mixpanel:

  • Its ability to create and monitor channels.
  • It contains real-time data.


  • It contains an automatic web interface for analysis.
  • It allows sending notifications for product usage.
  • It allows users to view active users on your site.


  • these analytics features are incomplete compared to the firebase and Mixpanel.

5. Flurry Analytics: Flurry is a professional-grade mobile app analytics tool. The advantage of flurry is it free of cost. It supports multiple apps at the same time. It supported platforms are IOS, Andriod, web.

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pricing: it completely free.


  • It supports multiple applications.
  • It contains crash reporting.
  • It contains funnel tracking and report tracking.


  • It has free of cost.
  • Allow us to make apps or promote the app through ads.


  • The analysis is not fast compared to other tools.
  • Difficult to identify the errors.

6. Countly: Countly is an Andriod analytics tool. it has responsive user-interfaces and real-time analytics. It supported platform are Andriod, ios, web analytics. The main focus of Countly is responding to customer queries.

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Pricing: It free or paid.


  • It has open-source applications.
  • It contains custom events.
  • It is expandable via plug-ins.


  • It is open-source and easy to use
  • It allows broad platform coverage.


  • It has free of cost, hence it contains limited features.
  • It works with limited server requirements.

In this article, I have explained about android analytics tools and their features. I hope this article gives suggestions to choose the best analytical tool for android apps.

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