Explain about Informatica Workflow properties

Informatica workflow overview

To build an Informatica Workflow, all you need is to build a task at first. Then add these tasks to the workflow. Moreover, Informatica workflow is similar to an empty container that has the capability to store the object that is executed. Further, Informatica Workflow executes in two different ways such as-

Master in Informatica

Informatica Certification Training by ITGURU’s

  1. Relational Connection
  2. Ftp Connection
  3. Queue
  4. Application
  • Enter-Name of the Connection- (New Name- ABC)
  • Next enter- User name
  • Enter- password
  • Then enter the “connection-string”
  • Now leave the rest of the settings “as default” and select the button-“OK”.
  1. Command task
  2. Email task
  3. Session task



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