Explain about PEGA application Case design for PEGA CLSA?

  • Create new case types that create a class, case form, starting flow, and workgroup rule automatically.
  • Reconfigure the current relationship-covering case form.
  • Defines many facets of the handling of jobs, including:
  • Subcases and processes are automatically and conditionally instantiated or begun.
  • Case priorities and deadlines, work parties, and concepts of access functions.
  • Settings to restrict the number of pending, open cases and to determine if a subcase needs to be resolved to resolve its parent.
  • Categories of attachments to manage read/write access to sub-case attachments.
  • Automatic propagation of data values from cases to new sub-cases.
  • When the user creates a Loan top-level case, the framework must automatically generate an Underwrite sub-case (instantiate the Underwrite case type). If the user is a supervisor, the user must also have the option of creating additional Underwrite subcases manually from a user form or the portal of the Case Manager.
  • The Underwrite sub-case(s) must be resolved before it is possible to resolve the parent loan case.
  • The Underwrite sub-case has three days, 12 hours, and four days, 12 hours, respectively, target and deadline times. The dates are measured, automatically or manually, from the time the sub-case begins.
  • The Underwrite case may be attached to a file containing a loan analysis report if the user has a manager position as specified in a related attachment category.
  • For the Underwrite job form, three task parties must be specified: Customer, CaseManager, and Loan Officer.
  • In the case of Underwrite, loan customer work party data (full name, email, mark, and party role) must be accessible when it is generated so that the user does not have to re-enter the data.
  • A spin-off flow (a supporting mechanism used for out-of-sequence assignments in the overall case process) called Background Check is included in the Underwrite process, which begins automatically if the loan value reaches $100,000. The method can also be manually started by the user who works on the subcase of Underwrite.
  • Using a distinctive icon that appears in user types and the Case Manager portal. The user must be able to quickly differentiate Underwrite from Loan instances.
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