Explain about PEGA Testing?

  • The Operations
  • Pages for Data
  • Flows For
  • If The Rules Transform Data
  • Case types, etc.
  • Clipboard Board
  • The Tracer
  • Inspector for UI
  • DB Tracer-Tracer
  • SMA Airlines
  • Laws on operator ID
  • RuleSetting
  • The Access Group Group
  • Definition of Worklist
  • Concept WorkBasket
  • Agreements at Service Stage
  • Declarative Statements such as Table of Decisions, Tree of Decisions, etc.
  • Creation and execution within the application itself of test cases for flows and other rules
  • Inclusion in the test cases of input values and predicted outcomes
  • Ability to update previously reported test cases and predicted outcomes with new input data
  • Flows of instruments with flow markers, input fields, and variations in values
  • Preservation of test cases for potential use with the implementation and versioning of test cases so that improvements are included in the permanent record.
  • Auto-generation of test cases for rulings
  • Ability to manually run test cases, group them and run them as a suite, or run them from the Test Management System
  • Ability to interpret and save findings as part of the test cases themselves.
  • Ability to equate outcomes with previous runs and to neglect specific variations
  • The Test Management System can be ordered separately and is a ready-to-use program that applies best practices in evaluating various applications for Process Commander. Refer to The System for Test Management.
  • Running a case for flow tests
  • Autogenerate Test cases for decision
  • For decisions, for all the decision permutations, you can autogenerate test cases.
  • Running a case for flow tests
  • Input data:
  • Regression test:
  • Resolution of the law:
  • Test case:
  • Test Management Framework (TMF):
  • Unit test:
  • Unit test suite:




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