Features of Swift Programming Language

Swift is a programming language used for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. This language is based on the important concepts, of C and Objective C. This language implements safe formats for coding, and have more features to make programming, easy and flexible.

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Swift language was created by Apple Company, especially for iOS devices. It is fun to write code in Swift language, as it is interactive.

Swift is familiar to the developers, that use Objective-C. Swift implements the dynamic object model in Objective-C, and the readability of its characteristics. It makes access to the existing Cocoa framework easy, with the trial functions with an objective C code.

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Swift’s aim is to make the best language for customers, using various mobile apps and desktop, systems coding and also cloud services. Swift is created for managing and writing the right codes, which is easy for the developer. In order to achieve this aim, the Swift Code must be:


Code in Swift language is easy to use and has the characteristics, that many developers believe. The language improvements are being observed frequently, which means swift is continuously progressing.


Swift is considered as the substitution, for languages based on C. Performance of the swift code must be fast, compared to other languages. Performance has to be constant and expected, it should not be fast in a short burst that has to be cleaned later. There are many languages, but its specialty is to be fast.


The most important method in coding is to write, in a safe way. Mistakes done by the developer have identified, before producing the software. Choosing for being safe, makes swift to feel like strict, but clarity saves time in the future.

Tools are very important for swift integration. We work hard to combine well with the developer’s tools, to build fast, to give brilliant identification and make interactive development experiences.

Programming becomes more powerful, with the help of tools, like while working with Linux server-side program, a web-based REPL or Swift based playgrounds makes it powerful in Xcode.

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