Google says it’s mandatory to upgrade android 10.0 Before January 31, 2020

As per Google’s GMS reports given by XDA Developers, Google has made it compulsory for all mobile producers to make new mobiles, checked after January 31, 2020, Should Deliver Android 10.0.

GMS represents Google Mobile Services, which is a suite of Google applications, administrations, and libraries that must be authorized by mobile producers like Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, and others.

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Licensing GMS suite is the main thing, in fact, that it initiates, mobile producers to Re-Install Google Play Store and Google Play Services on their mobiles.

The reports confirmed that Google won’t approve any new mobiles running on Android 9.0 Pie after January 31. The new rule, it does not guarantee that all mobiles started after January 31, 2020, will run on Android 10.

Mobile producers can make new mobiles running on Android 9.0 Pie, if they have looked for approval of GMS from the Mountain View, California based organization before the January 31 Rule. All Android mobiles approved after January 31, 2020, will run on Android 10. Get more info at Android Online Training

As of now, the mobiles that won’t get Android 10 update are concerned, the report says that Google will keep on approving updates, based on Android 9.0 Pie until the initiation of Android 11, which is probably going to occur in August 2020. After the launch of Android 11, Google will just approve updates for gadgets running on Android Pie.

Which features are going to Update First

1. Bubbles

If you use Facebook Messenger’s Chat Heads, include? Assuming this is the case, at that point you are going to like Android 10’s new Bubbles highlight. Bubbles work simply like Chat Heads, with a round Notification, going over whatever is on your screen.

Google needs to know that developers are aware of what applications, use Bubbles basically due to the flow of notifications, start showing on your screen, showing little mind to what you’re doing, will get real irritation with real fastness…

Wi-Fi and QR codes

Sharing your Wi-Fi password with your Friends, or requesting theirs will be not good. Android 10 has another new feature, that lets you make a QR code for your Wi-Fi system or show a QR code to join Wi-Fi settings, securely in the mobile Wi-Fi settings.

To use this new option, go to Wi-Fi settings and choose your home Internet network, seen by the Share button with a little QR code simply above it.

Undo App Removal

If you unknowingly, removed an application from your home screen, and you don’t recognize, whether you Deleted it permanently or what? I have Done With Android 10, you can undo the Whole process by clicking a few options. You’ll discover the fix button on the bottom of the screen. Press it and reinstall, the application, it will come back where it has Installed before.

Location control

The android operating system is getting more, control over, how an application can use location data. At present, you can give the application access to your location, gradually or completely terminated.

With Android 10, you will pick up the choice of letting an application get to your location data just, when you use the application. In addition to the fact that this is a protection matter, yet it’s certain to guide and save your battery life.

Privacy settings

With Android 10, there will be the best Privacy options in the settings application. When we open it will show the different permissions applications, can demand things like schedule, area, camera, contacts and other like microphone.

Android has come up with the most used method, to see what applications deal with what information on your mobile. The new section creates it simple to find and not allow permissions to certain applications.

Take a few seconds to make sure, that what is possible in the new Android 10 Privacy settings page. Trust us, it’s justified, despite everyone is in trouble.

These are the best know things, that why google is making compulsory of android 10.0, that after January 31st, 2020. Every android mobile should Run on the latest and upgraded version of android 10.0.

If we see this update on every android mobile phone, we can see and experience the best UI of android OS.

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