As we are moving towards the end of the year, iPhone users continue to face issues with the iOS 13 version. Even though Apple is trying to fix iOS 13 bugs and deal with overhang in it, but still, we hear complaints from iPhone users who upgraded from older version to iOS 13.2.3.

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is compatible with all 13 version devices. This update doesn’t have any new features, but it has some major bug fixes aimed at increasing the iPhone’s performance.

At present, OS errors in iOS latest versions, are like strange battery drain, App installation and updation issues, mail issues, UI lag, Bluetooth issues, Wi-Fi issues and app crashes. These issues are not only common in iOS 13 version, but also in older versions like iOS 12. For more Additional info at ios development course

Some of these errors can be fixed, from Apple in future new iOS 13 updates or you have to visit the local Apple store.

App Update Problems:

The iOS 13.2.3 is a small update, around 100MB for users using ios 13.2.2. Anyone having issues on older versions of ios like ios 12 to ios 13.2.2 can see a major difference after upgrading to iOS 13.2.3.

When you are upgrading from the older version of ios to a new version, many are facing difficulties due to the features and old issue updates, that you ignored are backed in the upgrade.

The major issue observed in iOS 13.2.3, is that it is stopping applications to update. There are no issues when installing new apps, but while updating old apps, they appear to be suspended.

If anyone facing difficulties using iOS 13.2.3, you can switch to the older version.

Battery Drain:

Among all versions, iOS 13.2.3 is facing strange battery drain issues. Many users are complaining about the sudden battery discharge issues, after updating to latest 13.2.3 version. Some are saying like battery life is decreasing 1% for every 1 to 2 minutes.

Compared to iOS 13.2.2, battery life is very less in the latest version.

Mail Problems:

Many issues have been reporting with the mail performance of iOS 13, like crashing of iPhone mail app, updation errors, unable to sync on iPhone, the opening of draft messages on the launch of the app, failed to load mails and sending messages, etc.

Call Drop Problems:

Most of the iPhone 13 users are complaining about the call dropping, while on call. Some of them stated like call droppings are more for every 30secs to 1min. Those people who use iPhone, for business purposes are showing serious disappointments regarding the call dropping issue.

Lost Contacts in iOS 13.1.3:

Some of the iPhone users are mentioning the issue of contacts lost, after updating from the older version to the latest iOS 13 version. Some have contact names but don’t have details in their contacts. By this issue, now we know the importance of backup in devices.

Calls on speakerphone by Siri:

Some of the users reported issues with Siri like, when we ask Siri to call, the call is getting placed always through speakerphone by default. This issue gives a lot of trouble to the user when they are driving.

App Store Connection issues:

Connection issues like a warning message that pops up, saying cannot connect to the App Store, iTunes Store or the Apple Books are opening on 13 versions. Many iPhone users have issues like hanging in the middle of a download, or the app stores are not loading properly.

Remainders sync show error:

Even though iOS 13 has new features for Reminders like smart lists, quick toolbar and can add photos, links, and files. But some of the iPhone users complaints about issues with missing lists deleted reminders and notes synchronize, wrong dates and times.

Apart from these errors, there are also app crash errors, connection issues, Bluetooth issues, wi-fi connection issues.

In this article, I have given you the issues on iOS 13.2.3 version. Apart from all these issues, it is better than to upgrade to all new versions and make sure to install any further bug fixing updates that Apple releases.

Apple promises to rectify these issues in the upcoming versions. But users of iOS 12 and older versions, it is better to wait till the new OS is fixed completely.

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