Latest trends in iOS app development for 2020

In this article, I have shared the latest trends in iOS app development that will be useful in 2020. Below are the latest trends in iOS app development, By which iOS app Developers can easily understand the future of iOS apps and technology.

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  1. Swift Programming iOS App Development:

The reason for a swift programming language, to become a trend is due to its features like security, adaptability, scalability, and efficiency.

In 2019, Apple has introduced Swift 5, which has new updates for iPhone users and for iOS app developers to make apps in a more effective manner.

The new version of Swift 5.0 is using strong technology, for its Application Binary Interface (ABI) to help iOS app developers, to integrate with future versions of macOS, Ios, TVOS and wearable OS.

Swift language has many advanced features, like interactive playgrounds that provide iOS app developers, the choice to modify a specific snippet of the code, without compiling again the whole code. Get More Info At iOS App Development Course

2. Better App Security in iOS App Development:

Apple is famous for its dedicated security layers and determined policies, that don’t allow anyone to break into the apple devices.

Apple highlights the need to protect the Apple errors and for achieving it, Apple has started a business-wide culture, that serves the client requirements for making a safe surrounding.

In password Autofill, Apple uses ASWebAuthentication Session that correlates the cookies and the website data for logging in and with this, the device can use the authentication services, to include password manager apps.

After the release of iOS 13, iOS app developers have the power to combine ATS- App Transport Security, for each of their apps.

3. Improvements in AI and Siri in iOS App Development:

From the time when Siri was combined in Apple devices, it got more recognition in the technology field worldwide. The personal assistant is attractive, because of its features and performance.

With Siri, the result of AI has increased in personal assistant working. The new SiriKit can do more communication, and the clients can get the features of an app by using Siri.

4. Machine learning in iOS App Development:

The core Machine learning tool started by Apple is very useful for iOS app developers. The Machine learning framework, by Apple, is giving extraordinary results for the works related to Camera or Siri, QuickType.

By using a Strong library, the core machine learning integration provides interaction abilities, to the iOS devices. It is also very useful for face detection tasks.

Core Machine Learning serves as the base for domain-specific works. It also supports image examinations, and also Natural Language processing, when used on devices, the properties of Core ML is improved for the performance.

5. The emergence of Big Data in iOS App Development:

The combination of big data enables iOS app developers to create powerful, strong and flexible iOS apps, that increase app growth and business also.

6. Apple Pay in iOS App Development:

The competition in e-commerce and online banking has helped for the development of online payment alternatives, for all users. The usage of mobile wallet has increased rapidly.

The iOS developers enabled the payment process, to be fast and trouble-free by combining payment gateways with Apple Pay, a mobile wallet app.

7. Integration with Cloud in App Development:

Cloud Technology has enough opportunities, and advantages. Companies can store huge data on Clouds. It is the most faithful technology to save data, we can use it anytime more fast, easily and securely.

The app that depends on Cloud runs on the cloud directly. By which it improves the internal memory, of our smart devices. It also raises performance and participation with mobile apps.

This cloud technology integration will raise in the market in the future.

8. Wearable & IoT in iOS App Development:

With IoT, we can connect all the mechanical, computing and digital devices collectively and make the transfer and exchange data.

iOS apps with IoT allow connecting wrist-watches, bands and other wearables to phones. HomeKit is an IoT application launched by Apple.

Because of increasing popularity, iOS app developers have to move forward and implement these technologies.

9. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality in App Development:

AR and VR are widely useful in the gaming and video field. These show the power of creativity and reality experience.

ArKit by Apple is creating an independent AR integrated iOS apps that have huge power. Some example of AR-VR based iOS apps is Houzz and Dance Reality.

These are the latest trends in iOS app development that are useful in 2020. Follow my articles to get more updates on the iOS development Course.

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