PEGA platform RPA integration with external systems

Modern business apps and the knowledge they handle are hardly self-contained. Integration protocols and principles of interoperability include access to read and write data. You can store it in several record systems. Besides, you can build applications that connect several resources that disperse. PEGA Platform TM delivers a wide variety of data and automation features. This is to ease the challenge of linking the application. You can distribute resources and accessing the processes and data it provides.

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PEGA platform

Several integration standards and collaboration protocols for the PEGA Platform. This enables you to concentrate on meeting the application’s business requirements. This is rather than on improving networking. Your application will, for instance, link to an external database. Besides, you can use and consume external web server data.

External systems with PEGA platform

Many external programs are still in operation today. This is through configuring to exchange data with other applications. Such external networks do not have a data-sharing API. Some programs can provide an API that can not use, or the API is inadequate to satisfy your business needs. You should use the integration of Pega Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in these cases.

You need to match the market needs and IT technology. This is with the most fitting PEGA integration capability. Thus, it is to achieve the best business result. As compared to a PEGA integration adapter, it needs understanding when to apply PEGA RPA. This helps produce an even better return on investment.

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PEGA platform integration capabilities

To achieve an optimum business result. Thus, the following example applies the required PEGA integration capability.

U-Plus Bank recently purchased numerous banks, resulting in several customer record systems (SOR). A customer service representative initiates a case of PEGA change of address service. This is when customers call the bank to change their address. The situation prompts the current address to enter it by the CSR. Once the current address to check by stakeholders, the case workflow to the address. This is one of several possible record structures. If the address stores inside the SOR of U-Plus Bank’s customer. Thus, the case updates the address in real-time using a normal API connector. Then that automatically exchanges the data between the PEGA program and the SOR.

Example of integration in PEGA platform

Repeating this example, the SOR is an older legacy framework that does not support an API. This is for data sharing for customers who opened their account with one of the acquired banks. The PEGA change of address case enables the CSR to PEGA Robotic Process Automation. This is in the attended mode for this client. Attended RPA refers to automation operating in combination. This is with a person involved in the process. By opening the front end of the SOR, which may be a desktop or web program or even a terminal screen. Then this automation activates a robot to refresh the address. By successfully communicating with the user interface in real-time. Then the robot then fills in the new address fields.

They can also run all address change updates in the background, in unattended RPA mode. The distinction is that the order for the address shift put in a queue later for processing. The benefit of maximizing system capacity and reducing peak loads by unattended RPA. This strategy is also desirable as it requires time for the upgrade process. This is because it helps the CSR to begin serving the client. Then rather than waiting to finish the change of address.

RPA in PEGA platform

Robots perform supported or unattended RPA functions in real-time. The PEGA offers a control tower program to help and gain insight into robot performance.

PEGA Robot Manager TM.

The PEGA Robot Manager makes it easy for you to track and schedule RPA robots. Then provides all robots with performance analytics.

The policy of U-Plus Bank to use both PEGA RPA and convergence to connect consumer record systems. This aligns with the long-term strategy of the bank to unify a single, modernized SOR customer. PEGA Software isolates the implementation capabilities from the integration specifics. This is such that if the bank unifies on a single record structure. Then it is easy to substitute robotic automation with an integration adapter. The data source and integration layer isolate it from the implementation layer. This is to ensure a minimal effect on the application with potential improvements. You can load data to the record structures.

Communication with external systems with PEGA platform

The PEGA apps will communicate with the applications and your external structures. This is by combining PEGA Platform and PEGA industry apps. Using the following rule forms to align the PEGA apps running in PEGA Cloud. This is in environments with your business systems.

· For your PEGA applications integrations, resources manage the connection properties and other configurations. They use it to configure work output services such as PEGA files and email listeners. This is which creates work rules for communication and processing. But also enable you to apply organizational meta-data governing while these services perform.

· Services are used, such as REST APIs, to expose integration points into the program.

· Connectors allow your PEGA Cloud framework to request external systems for information.

PEGA integration practices

For the integration of PEGA applications, operating in PEGA Cloud Services environments is the important thing. This is for your enterprise the following tools, services, and connectors are available. Ensure that you follow technology best practices to prevent threats and data failure. This is as with any external device access. The following objects contain these practices.

· For both requests, the use of good authentication

· Ensuring proper permission for users of the program

· Securing network connections with TLS 1.2, and using a PEGA Cloud VPN, as needed.

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Networking and embedding in the PEGA platform

The following options offer by PEGA Cloud® for networking, synchronization. Then you can access management in consumer cloud environments.

· Stable Customer Control Firewall and Management Community Setup

· Safe access to the PEGA Cloud VPN service across customer locations and PEGA Cloud.

· Integrating PEGA Cloud software with connections to remote systems for networking outside of IPsec VPN.

· Three isolated sub-networks within PEGA Cloud client environments with networking information for Development and Sandbox environments from PEGA Cloud Services.

· Integration features of PEGA Infinite of PEGA Cloud Integration of PEGA software with external device connectors and facilities.

· Submit documentation using the DocuSign connector for electronic signatures.

· Integration of PEGA applications in the PEGA Cloud with external email systems by customer-defined SMTP server combination.

· PEGA Cloud SFTP service for transferring files using PEGA Cloud VPN from the client’s virtual private cloud using PEGA Connect-FTP methods.

· Network and system-level control tracking with 12-month storage of safety audit logs.

Link to the services REST and SOAP

Use the PEGA Platform TM REST and SOAP connector functionality for access to PEGA Cloud Services, since these connectors are stable, simple to install, and standard network protocols are used.

Enterprise messaging setup using JMS

Using your PEGA Platform framework running in your PEGA Cloud Services environment to implement a Java Messaging Service (JMS) model. PEGA supports the setup of the PEGA Network as a JMS reader This is to transmit messages from your PEGA application. It is as well as a JMS recipient (to receive messages from your PEGA application.


Pega Cloud maintains a comprehensive range of networking and security controls that allow you to take advantage of the strength of the Pega Platform &trade. This is as a cloud-delivered infrastructure, strategic apps, and third-party integrations. You can delve deep into this through PEGA RPA online training.

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