ServiceNow and SAP solution manager integration

The most critical aspect of this incorporation is that all events generated by SAP are related to the full technological and business context. It provides the support team with tremendous benefits and makes them address challenges even faster.

This post would explain convergence to build events using both Inbound Email Behavior and ServiceNow’s REST API.

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What is the ticket method at STA?

For SAP applications, it is an add-on that must be installed on the SAP application server. The SAP Interface is expanded by a menu item that allows users to report errors directly from the computer where the error occurred. It operates with SAP systems based on R/3 that use the SAP Netweaver network (such as SAP ECC, SAP BW) and even the new S/4 HANA systems.



There are a few methods for setting the right task category for incoming events automatically. For various kinds of events, several organizations set up different email addresses, but it is not granular enough and it is difficult to manage. Others set up drop-down menus for users on self-service portal sites, but they may not always recognize which one to pick. Manual tasks that slow down the process are included in all traditional methods.

The service desk usually has teams per module, such as Material Control, Finance, Distribution, and etc., when it comes to SAP related accidents. Based on the properties of the currently operating software, our SAP add-on will automatically set the help group for an event.

The software detects the currently operating transaction code and the application feature it belongs to when your SAP users record an error using our Ticket Framework add-on (MM, SD, FI, etc.). Using this information, a corresponding rule in the configuration table will be searched for in the following order:

Assign SAP Modules or Transactions to Classes

The first move is to keep your ITSM platform’s support groups in SAP. You will set up the rules for auto-assignment until it is completed. Behind this, there is no abstract AI or business logic, just a basic configuration table where you can delegate either SAP transfers, program components, or background jobs to your classes. This is simplistic, quick to manage, and functions well. You may also use wildcard characters (*) for convenience, so, for instance, MM-* would be accurate for all material management transactions as an application part attribute (screens, reports, etc.).

Develop SAP GUI Accidents

Right from the SAP GUI, the SAP end-users will report mistakes, so there is no need to pick up the handset, send emails or open a browser window and log in to ServiceNow to manually build the event. The mechanism is plain.

Using the Device menu, SAP users will launch the STA Ticket System on the transaction where the error occurred. After that, the main screen appears where you can enter an issue summary and fill in the fields for ServiceNow. You can personalize this section of the screen so that you can also include all the custom ServiceNow areas.

When done, click ‘Submit’ to build the Incident in ServiceNow. The software will collect and append all relevant information about the SAP system, the SAP user, and the currently operating program to the ServiceNow incident created. Besides, a snapshot, an authorization record for the current user will be attached, and an optional shortcut to the transaction where the error occurred.

All this new knowledge offers the service desk staff tremendous rewards. To be able to begin addressing the matter, there is no need to explain any missed information to the caller. For multinational corporations, this can save days of waiting for confirmation, especially if SAP help is outsourced.

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Add your Fields for ServiceNow

The custom fields used in ServiceNow can be applied to the consumer subscreen portion of the STA Ticket System main panel. Besides, any particular business logic you need can be applied, such as filling fields with default values, etc. We have a blueprint that you can easily copy and change right out of the box to provide your business logic. The professional ABAP developers can do this well or you can hire consultancy services to incorporate what you need.

Often businesses use SAP Solution Manager to track their SAP and non-SAP programs and also for tracking of business processes. A lot of them do not use Solution Manager’s Service Desk module, however. They use ServiceNow for IT process administration instead.

To exploit the advantages of both environments, a common request is to merge the two platforms.

Configure tracking in the Solution Manager

After the monitoring in SolMan has been installed (which is not in the scope of this blog post), all you need to do is define our SAP add-on for your warnings as a third-party connector. You are ready to forward your updates to ServiceNow after setting this up. Based on controlled object form and name, warning intensity, ranking, and other fields, you only need to identify which warnings you want to forward. You may specify which warnings to forward on a simple customization page.

You can map ServiceNow field values (priority, intensity, etc.) to Solution Manager Warnings properties using the custom ABAP logic (rating, severity, etc.). Finally, to connect your SolMan and ServiceNow systems, some fundamental configuration is necessary (assign text templates to alerts, set up RFC connection to ServiceNow, etc.).

In action, let’s see it

It’s time now to see how it works. In order to get more entries in our SolMan Alert Mailbox, we made a great deal of effort to cause as many warnings as we could. A ServiceNow event is generated automatically, without any human intervention, whenever an alarm occurs in the Alert Inbox. The ServiceNow fields are structured in SAP, the summary of events and the short text provides meaningful information and even direct links to related SAP transactions. This makes it easier for the service desk to take decisive steps to examine the issue and to offer a quicker remedy.

Additional information

Reduced human effort, faster responses to warnings, and optimizing the ROI on your investments in ServiceNow and SAP Solution Manager are the clear advantages of this integration. There is more than that, though! For custom ServiceNow tables, all necessary SAP information is added. In ServiceNow, descriptions of the affected SAP mechanism (managed object), warning, case, and all measurements are stored and shown as a linked list on the incident form. You can get all the information by clicking on one thing that can help you grasp the issue and offer a solution more easily.

With a tab sheet devoted to accidents posed for Solution Manager warnings, we also have a dashboard on SAP-related incidents. This helps you to recognize patterns, identify bottlenecks and plan your time better by gaining visibility into the networks and processes tracked by you. You can learn in detail through ServiceNow online training.



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