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ServiceNow is a network that automates business processes. It provides a broad variety of I.T.S.M tools, cybersecurity, customer support, and more. This trustworthy company has received top ratings, among others. These ratings are from companies such as Gartner and Forrester. In this article, let us focus only on the IT Service change Management tool for ServiceNow Admin. Before going into it, let us know about change management.

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Change management

Change management includes revamping IT systems along with total, partial or minute improvements. This is to the IT system or any of its components. Perform change management with some goals often related to cost savings, user experience. Automation or adding any new functionality to the current infrastructure. It is one of the most challenging functions within the IT vertical. This is owing to the involvement of a variety of challenging and complicated tasks. Then the expense, time and resources involved in accomplishing the transition. Therefore, through this article, let us identify popular problems in change management. Then identify how ServiceNow can help solve the difficulties faced in it.

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ServiceNow change management

The ServiceNow change management platform is versatile. It also provides plenty of functionality for anyone who works within IT services. This platform is commonly used, and provides an I.T.I.L-like structure for transition. However, there are a few minor differences, as you can see below. Overall, ServiceNow is one of the best change management solutions out there. However, it is not the only one on the market. Below, let us cover the change management basics and compare it to I.T.I.L. Then explore its advantages.

Request ServiceNow admin receives for ServiceNow change management:

Not every request carries equal weight. There are three types of requests for ServiceNow Admin.

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  • Standard changes in ServiceNow

These are low risk and do not require pre-authorization

  • Normal changes in ServiceNow:

These require two approval rates before implementation and examination

  • Changes in an emergency in ServiceNow

These changes require immediate implementation. The schema follows those of I.T.I.L.

Role of ServiceNow Admin in ServiceNow change management

Each person involved has a role to delegate.

The positions available in the I.T.S.M change model for ServiceNow Admin patterns after I.T.I.L’s. T for example:

  • Shift Advisory Board — Group evaluating improvements to high priority
  • Change Initiator-The person requesting the change
  • Shift Manager-The boss of a transition
  • Change Implementer-The person or team making the change

Within the ServiceNow platform, assign each of these functions to an individual.

Change request for ServiceNow Admin

Again, this is also a request for submitting change. Then that request goes through a series of stages until you close it. The platform of ServiceNow follows the pipeline almost to the end. Although the names of the stage are slightly different, you can see them at the top of every request for change. You can find the following in the dashboard screen.

  • New
  • Assess
  • Authorize
  • Scheduled
  • Implement
  • Review
  • Closed
  • Cancelled

Every request for improvement follows certain steps, from start to finish. Except standard requests, as mentioned above, which do not require any pre-authorization

Benefits of ServiceNow change management

The benefits of a centralized process for managing ServiceNow change management are as follows:

  • Standardize procedure and infrastructure, and automate them.
  • Ensure accountability via audit and transparency.
  • Increase IT Provides business continuity and service quality.
  • Reduce the expense of introducing changes by carefully preparing and organizing approved amendments.
  • Share ownership of the quality of requests for change across the IT.
  • Other benefits to use this change management solution are to the standard workflow. For example, the platform for change management also features a variety of analytics tools.
  • The performance analytics approach lets you view your business processes over time. Besides letting you recognize vulnerabilities and problem areas. For example, in-form analytics may use historical data. This is to fill in anticipated closure times within the request form.
  • Another advantage of using this method is automatic risk evaluation. The application will conduct a risk evaluation for you after configuring requirements. Then they will appear on the inside of each change request.

Focus points of ServiceNow change management

The three ServiceNow Change Management focus points are on individuals, procedures, and technology.

  • People:

Strengthen adherence to the process of managing IT change.

  • Process:

Establish consistent processes for IT Change Management. Besides, also establish respective IT Service Management (I.T.S.M) integrations across the organization. ·

  • Technology:

Customize and use industry IT resources to fit with your business goals. Besides, it also customizes processes.


The comprehensive suite of tools from ServiceNow provides everything I.T.S.M professional needs. Here you people can gain the a full featured change management software application. However, that interface also operates with a vast array of complementary applications. These robust resources are not helpful in today’s fast-paced digital world. Therefore, they offer a competitive advantage. ServiceNow will be worth a look. You can learn more topics and reach your goal in becoming ServiceNow admin. This is through ServiceNow admin online training.

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